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Afghanistan Back to the Peace
since 2002

» www.afghanistan.peacewaves.org

PeaceWaves, in collaboration with the local partners ANCB and ASSRA, has been working in Afghanistan since 2002 for the reconstruction of the local education system. Education will play a key role in the development of the country, especially through art (in particular music) and sport, without differences in ethnic group or gender.
The project is articulated in several events, awareness campaigns and fund raisings (in particular concerts, presentations, theatrical pieces, art and photography exhibitions). PeaceWaves has built the Victoria Music School a Kabul in 2005, the first Music School in Afghanistan open also to women, and organised the Pre-Peace Conference in 2008.

» the project
» the book "Afghanistan, la cultura come sfida per la ricostruzione"


Kids' Guernica Europe
since 2003

» www.artforpeace.peacewaves.org

Kids' Guernica Europe aims at promoting the values of peacew and social justice through visual arts and the development of art projects, workshops, travelling exibitions and cultural events organised by young people to other youngsters. Kids' Guernica programme's protagonists are young boys and girls that, under the guidance of young artists and team leaders, paint their idea of Peace on a canvas with the same dimenions of the famous Picasso's masterpiece "Guernica".
The paintings realised by the young participants of Kids' Guernica Europe have been already exhibited in Italy, Switzerland (United Nations), Croatia, Tunisia, Algeria and Afghanistan and became part of the international circuit of Kids' Guernica.

» the project
» Kids' Guernica Europe for SCREAM - Caserta 2005


Olympic Truce
since 2002

» www.olympictruce.peacewaves.org

The new concept of Olympic Truce must be one of the requirements for the fair organization of the Olympic Games and meanwhile an opportunity for a sustainable human development. 
A "from the below" concept of the Olympic Truce, meaning not just the breaking of conflicts during the period of the Games, but above all an occasion to promote peace values and Human Rights development.  

» the project
» Olympic Truce Resolution Meeting 2005
» European Youth Olympic Festival Lignano 2005


Se ti lascio non vale!
October 2006 - October 2007


“Se ti lascio non vale!” è un progetto promosso a Caserta da PeaceWaves con la partecipazione diretta e la collaborazione della Consulta Provinciale degli Studenti, l’Ufficio Scolastico Provinciale, la Provincia di Caserta e Unidea Unicredit Foundation, che vuole realizzare, attraverso l’impegno dei ragazzi con le istituzioni a favore di tutti i giovani, le famiglie e l‘intera comunità, una reale campagna di comunicazione e sensibilizzazione per diminuire e sconfiggere i problemi legati alla dispersione ed all’abbandono scolastico. 

» Il progetto


La rete che apprende
September 2005 - June 2006

» il sito del progetto

"La rete che apprende" è un progetto, organizzato da PeaceWaves con li sostegno della Fondazione Unidea, rivolto ai giovani della Provincia di Crotone con l'obiettivo di analizzare e ridurre il fenomeno della dispersione scolastica.

» Il progetto


October 2004 - June 2006

» www.scream.peacewaves.org

"Supporting Children's Rights trough Education, the Arts and the Media" was an international project of the International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). SCREAM was an educational project of social mobilization that acknowledged the value of young students as promoters for change in their society, making people aware of the Child Labour issue through their creativity and artistic expressions. PeaceWaves, as a partner of the project, was actively involved in the areas of training, sport and art as tools for peace and social justice, cooperation, Human Rights promotion.

» the project
» Vorrei gridare al mondo - Roma 2005


Team Leaders
April 2002 - March 2006

» www.teamleaders.peacewaves.org

PeaceWaves, together with the Turin Province public administration, organised a seriers of Team Leaders Courses. These courses were conceived in the perspective of the Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006, that needed the help of 20.000 volunteers coming from Italy and different contries, with different backgrounds and skills. The Team Leaders courses aimed at enhancing the life skills connected to interpersonal communication, peaceful and creative conflicts resolution, leadership, team-building, etc...  to play a strategic role in realisation of events in the territory of Turin and province. Team Leaders became olympic-peace ambassadors and part of delegations engaged in other important international events.

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